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Kandy Agrarian Senior Citizen Fixed Deposit

You can earn a higher rate of interest. You can request the Bank to renew your deposit at maturity with interest earned added to the capital or renew just the capital. Ability to place Fixed Deposits via Online Banking - If you are already registered for our Online Banking facility, now you can place Fixed Deposits online from where ever you are at a time convenient to you by directly debiting your account
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Kandy Agrarian Special Fixed Deposit

Interest payment
You can earn interest monthly or at maturity, when you place a Fixed Deposit for 01 to 05 years.If you place a Fixed Deposit for a period of 1 month to 6 months, interest will be paid only upon maturity. On 02 year deposits interest could be paid monthly, annually or at maturity. On 03 to 05 year Fixed Deposits, interest can be earned monthly, quarterly, bi-annually, annually or at maturity.
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