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ThuruSaviya Credit Scheme

New rubber plantations, Re-plantation, Smoke Houses, Intercrop cultivation, other related income generating activities

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Kapruka Credit Scheme

Increase production of coconuts and productivity of coconut lands,Enhance income and living standards of coconut farmers

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GoviShakthi Saving Account

To purchase farm equipments - ​Agricultural Water Pump, Sprayer, Reaper, Paddy Thresher, Draught Animal and construction of Dug Well and "Wee Bissa"

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Meet Life Challengers

we intend to encourage business growth

Our loan schemes are simple and easy to grasp, while our processes are uncomplicated and are designed to suit your needs..

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Waiting Time Is Over

Now you no longer need to put your dreams on hold.

We offer you the perfect loan packages tailored to suit your income and repayment capacity, to make them come true..

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Regular Savings Account

What makes Regular Savings so special is the flexibility and the convenience it offers. Interest is calculated daily and credited to your account monthly.
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Super Saver Account

The Agrarian Saver Account from Agrarian Bank pays one of the highest interest rates offered for savings accounts in Sri Lanka.
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Agrarian Power Bonus

The Agrarian Power Bonus Account is a blend between Fixed Deposits and Savings Accounts. It combines the flexibility of a Savings Account and the high interest available on a Fixed Deposit.
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Personal Foreign Currency Accounts

Personal Foreign Currency Account enable you to save your hard earned foreign exchange and earn interest too in the same foreign currency.
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Promote sustainable and equitable agriculture and rural development through participative financial and non-financial interventions, innovations, technology and institutional development for securing prosperity


provide Customer Centric Products and services by active human resources and technology .Providing reliable, innovative, customer friendly financial services, utilizing cutting edge technology and focusing continuously on productivity improvement whilst developing our staff and acquiring necessary expertise to expand locally and regionally

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